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Quiet Jesus Lives to Fight Another Day: A Tumblr Post

Whom Shall I Crucify?

Whom Shall I Crucify?

“But the chief priests and the leaders convinced the crowds to ask for Barabbas to be set free and for Jesus to be killed. Pilate asked the crowd again, ‘Which of these two men do you want me to set free?'” –Matt. 27:20-21

Originally I planned on calling this post: “Rome Wasn’t Built with Good Intentions”.  My friend Phil Burgess posted that gem on The Face.  He first posted: “The Road to Hell Wasn’t Paved in a Day”.  I found that line relatively humorous…but the Rome line…genius.  I had a pretty busy week so I never got around to asking permission to use it.  But the sentiment is apt for this post.

The crucifixion of Jesus was not the most violent thing that Rome did to Christianity.

That came much later under the reign of Constantine.  The greatest violence Rome did to Christianity was co-opting it as the state religion.  Constantine then parlayed that move into a bloody war that, in all reality, never ended.  This Tumblr post deals with the Jesus who caused a revolution, and the cradle of western thought who wouldn’t rest until it was quashed or rendered ineffective.

That western machine is still at it to this day.

From Constantine to Cruz, beware those in power who claim to be motivated by Christ…disappointment bobs in their wake…

On a lighter note, click here to see my latest Tumblr post…


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