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Excuses of a Dirt Bag Baller


trite bullshit

“Excuses are like Mustangs and Assholes everybody has one and they’re mostly red and stinky” –Patso

I’m taking a break with my family this week…so instead of doing nothing, I’m going to do a little less than nothing.  I know it’s a douche move but you are reading a blog…lower your expectations.  Next week I’m going to discuss the relative merits, and whatever the opposite of merits are, concerning this sign.  The challenge will be to see if I can get both feet in my mouth (I only accomplished one foot when last I commented) and any other appendage that might coincide with small feet, of which I posses both.  It may not be for everyone so fair warning and all that rot…


About pats0

Pats0 is a writer who is informed by a punk-rock ethos, and a hatred for group-think. He is the founding member of The Pirate-Clown Guild of Free-Thinkers, an aegis from under which he soils the internet with his thoughts. Welcome.

5 responses to “Excuses of a Dirt Bag Baller

  1. YES!!! I can’t wait. To see if you can put both feet in your mouth. What- I like rubber necking. So sue me. PS- I always enjoy a blog post that has to be prefaced with “It may not be for everyone.” I hope that’s on my gravestone.


  2. Did someone say Rubber Necker?


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