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TSA Shoes

So here’s the pay-off to this joke…(performance art piece?) I saw this phrase on a t-shirt. I love the word play. It’s a twist on the phrase “Kiss me I’m Irish”; a phrase most people find innocuous. I had a t-shirt that read “Kiss Me I’m Irish”, folks seemed to find it in good taste…the reaction was, generally, positive. My shoes did not get the same reaction. Why? Simple. The Irish are more beloved because they’ve never been know as a group of violent religious zealots. Wait. No, that can’t be why. When I described them as my flying shoes most people reacted in a way that communicated: “If you get in trouble for this, that’s on you.” One person went so far as to imply that I might receive an anal cavity search for my transgression.

Why in America, a country supposedly predicated on the ideals of religious liberty, would there exist such a cavalier attitude toward religious injustice? It’s because America has never truly been a country founded on religious freedom, we really have very little tolerance for any religion outside of the dozen or so mainstream versions of Christianity. Maybe, during unsettling panicked desperate times, America will give voice to the more “wacky” sects. Hell, she’ll even get a significant number of people to vote for a Mormon, if you run him against a black guy with a middle-eastern sounding name.


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