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“I’m not that bad…I’m not that bad…I’m not that bad” -Robert De Niro (as Jake La Motta in Raging Bull)

In jail you hear this movie quote over and over, there is really no getting away from this sentiment, it matters little whether you hear it, verbatim, running through your own mind, or variations of the message in every conversation which you have the misfortune of being caught up…it’s there.  It is true you know…or, more to the point, it can be true–depending upon one’s definition of the word “that”.  This may seem like Clintonian minutia, but we all quibble about what the definition of “is” is, we’re just not as critical of ourselves as we were of William Jefferson.  La Motta repeated these words over and over as he beat the piss out of his hands on a brick wall, having found himself in a jail cell after several…

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Hard Livin’ #4

My wife was waiting outside in our Camry, it was still raining and she looked none too pleased. She wasn’t outwardly angry until I complained about having to go to the bail bondsman’s office before going home (yes I’m THAT entitled douche).  We went to Dog’s office to sign some paperwork essentially promising not to run away from home and join a non-extraditable circus…fair enough.  We then headed for home quietly, in the rain.

All of this would’ve been bad enough but there was another problem, we had a daughter in China waiting to be adopted by my wife and I, and this could be the end of the entire process.  This meant disappointing many people, and I had no doubt that I had let everyone I knew down.  Once home I asked the question that had been plaguing me since I first laid eyes on the lights in my…

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