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Excuse Me Stabby, Thats My Seat

A killer lurks the streets of Bremerton.  Well I’ve never seen him so I know little about his gait.  Mayhaps he skips?  Silly, knife-wielding homicidal maniac, you shouldn’t lurk…skipping is the ticket.  I’d be laid out on the concrete having lost three and a half pints of blood before I suspected that the guy who just skipped up to me, shanked me.  But this all is really beside the point.  And it is not my purpose to give out tips on clandestine conveyance to people who kill people.  Telling a serial killer to skip around as a way to gain the upper hand over his victims would be like building tanks for emotionally immature ex-jocks to run amok through some distant desert.  Totally UN-American.

This is a newish development in the fair city of Bremerton, at least as far as I’ve noticed, Bremerton has been fairly safe.  Don’t get me wrong I’ve fallen victim to some crime.  I had a bicycle and a lawn-mower stolen from my backyard.  I imagine it was the work of some rich, white aristocratic savage who donated it to a papist, non-profit outfit like St. Value De Goodwill, as a means of salving his conscience over the fact that his millions were pushed through the sweating pores of backs much darker than his own.  Regardless, his offenses against me fell fall short of running a knife through me.  Beyond that, I’ve my cars broken into a couple of times, and my car was once hit by another car, that was being driven by a Hispanic gentleman, who promptly cursed at me and sped off…I kid, I don’t know if he cursed at me…I don’t speak Hispanic.  More excitement mixed with disappointment than any real danger.

Citizens of Bremerton, at least the ones that I know are doing their level best to protect themselves against this threat, and this really is the true violence being done against the town…this man will take some lives, sure, but his physical reach will be impotent in comparison to his psychic reach.  The idea that a predator is stalking the streets of a town you love…or tolerate, does unspeakable damage to your mental space.  As a result, it is far too easy to become a prisoner to fear gripped by its terror, and give yourself over to the idea that every move you make must be carefully precise so as not to fall victim to your own misstep being the very weakness this lunatic could expose.  Self-defense, the insidious bulwark of the terminally stressed.  Stress is a legitimate reaction to the news that one person you may or may not pass by every day has it in his mind that he wants to stab you, but we control how we allow this fear to change us…he doesn’t deserve that kind of power.

I’ve heard tell of people walking the streets with their handguns looking for this guy, an idea that is possibly a little more scary than some guy with a knife.  To me, at least.  I can imagine a hypothetical where-in a man is walking about, with a gun in his pocket and pending manhood on his mind, mistaking me for a light-skinned black man who stands around six feet tall…(an excerpt of an eyewitness description of Stabby).  Concealed handguns only work well against maniacs with knives if they decide to run at you from about 25 feet knife held above their heads screaming “it’s stabbing time”; most serial killer stabbing scenarios leave much to be desired in the way of reaction time.  And really who is to say that “six foot tall light skinned black man” are reliable descriptors of this man?  In order to test the validity of this description, I’d have to know the race and political proclivities of the eye witness.  Certainly it is no well kept secret that white people who are politically conservative tend to remember things a bit bigger and darker.  There remains the possibility…plausibility, that this killer is an Irish grandmother; trust me they possess all the mis-wired gray matter one might need to think stabbing fellow citizens is a good way to end a stressful day.  All that to say, if you are one of those fine folks roaming around with his or her pistol in tow…be careful.

I understand the instinct, I feel naked walking around without my Gerber switch-blade, not that I’m some bad-ass…I mean I could probably cut you, but I wouldn’t stand a chance against a rabid human honey badger with blood on his thoughts…for me the cut-off is: I could probably defend myself against people who know how to use the Internet (this is an approximation, I’m sure I wouldn’t fair well against people who frequent survivalist, and white supremacy sites, as they possess the same potential for melee madness), but some stark raving mad Irish grandmother roaming the streets sans a device to navigate a WI-fi hot spot ends with me in a pool of my own cooling blood.  Frightening.

This person will one day stop killing the tax-payers of Bremerton.  At which time we will be left with the realization of how much our personal ideas about humanity changed because of one asshole.  My hope is that the people I love have no regrets about the way this changed them.  Self-preservation should always work in concert with grace, it is a piss-poor replacement for grace.


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2 responses to “Excuse Me Stabby, Thats My Seat

  1. Pat your awesome for putting your thoughts out there. One thing this situation calls for is a little bit of education for the people of Kitsap County. Kitsap Has not been a safe place for quite a while. I have been telling my husband for a couple years that there is a serial killer here. A couple months ago he took me to task on this and I searched the internet and showed him a bunch of facts to support my theory. Parker saw me cruising the net for 2 hours and he said “what are you guys doing?” and I said ” I’m looking for the serial killer that Kitsap county doesn’t know they have.
    This probably didn’t raise alarms as you never know what will come out of my mouth next but here are my findings. Based mostly on memory because some of the information that was available on the net 2 months ago isn’t there anymore now that the FBI is in town. For such a small town we have a very high “run away” rate. Missing children- teens mostly if I remember right. Pictures of missing people all over town. These people are never to be seen again. Kitsap sheriffs office is slowly dissolving. No one is getting fired as not to raise alarms but one by one they are retiring and no one is replacing them. Dating back from the 80’s there are a stream of unsolved murders in Kitsap County.
    Check your address in the sex offenders database and take a small look at how unsafe we truly are. Keep in mind Most children who are sexually abused don’t tell. A few months ago 2 people at different times were attempted to be kidnapped and told. How many didn’t tell. Then around the same time a child was abducted near the East Bremerton red apple and never seen again.
    The FBI questioned people about The cop that was recently shot and killed by a car he pulled over. Whens the last time the FBI questioned people about a cop killing in Washington? And for the FBI to get involved when they are busy working around the clock to find a serial killer. I think that cop stumbled on to some information. If you shoot a cop and then yourself it is because you feel your life is already over.
    The serial killer stabs his victims. This is not on his to do list. This is an addiction that he needs to feed. This is special to him and artistic- it is also very personal to him and he is always looking for his next victim. we are looking at a person who probably stabbed animals as a child. It is a messy situation and he can feel every bit of his victim, even the slowing down of a heart beat……..Think on that for a minute. This is the most important thing in his life. And it is not something that just started. By now He has a God complex. Every serial Killer has a habitual way of doing things, the missing people all have something in common but the latest victims may not because, If I have been right and he has been here for a while. He’s angry now that NO-One has noticed his life’s work- His art- His passion. And He’s gonna make himself a star in his own eyes and do something bold. be seen.
    2 moths ago I said “This mans gonna start slipping up, we’ll see it in the news before to long”. Hes’ gonna live on the edge of his seat and play cat and mouse. He’s gonna make everyone see what he is capable of. Maybe he even hung around a crime sceen long enough to be question. Or maybey shook the hands of a cop that’s working the case. Because of this God complex he knows he is in complete control.
    It is frightening that are kids are not safe but it is more frightening that they have not been safe for a while and most of us never even noticed. My Theory is that if there is a way to cross reference sex offenders who’s jail time matches up with times that there was no missing persons- and jail releases that match up with criminal activity we may find our killer.


  2. I spent a few days in Bremerton back when the Gilberts were there- seems like an unlikely candidate for serial killer breeding ground (baristas or indie rock stars- maybe, but not serial killers).

    Nice tie-in in regards to the the idea of self-preservation and grace… diggin on that.


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